Tiffany Vo College Photographer

Are you looking for a headshot? DU has the very special chance to usephotographer Tiffany Vo. Colorado raised, Tiffany is enjoying her second year here at DU. She loves being on campus and meeting great people, as well as capturing all of your beautiful faces. We had the chance to interview the lovely face behind T. Vo Photography, and she was able to share some of her headshots with us.

Photo Credit: T. Vo Photography

HCDU: How did you get into photography?

Tiffany: I always love taking pictures and now I can show the world what I see through the lens. 

HCDU: How long have you been practicing photography?

Tiffany: I have been practicing photography ever since Freshmen year of high school.

Photo Credit: T. Vo Photography

HCDU: Is photography something you want to remain in your life after college?

Tiffany: I would say photography is more of a hobby where I can enjoy and relax when I’m stressed out. However, it really depends whatever life takes me. 

HCDU: What is the most fun you’ve had taking pictures?

Tiffany: That’s a hard question. I love every moment when I get to take pictures, my favorite is being to see a person’s natural smile, it makes me happy. 

Photo Credit: T. Vo Photography

HCDU: How can people use your services?

Tiffany: I take portrait pictures, which also includes, group organizations, senior pictures, and families. 

HCDU: What is the best way to get in contact with your for a photo shoot?

Tiffany: Definitely email me, or message over my Facebook page