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THINX: A New Product to Replace Traditional Period Products?

After my FBI agent suggested THINX to me like a billion times, I finally caved and bought a three-pair set. When first going to their website, I instantly fell in love with the layout and easy navigation. I also enjoyed their variety of styles and every expanding product line. As someone with a relatively light period, I felt THINX would be a great new alternative for me to use instead of tampons. Y'all know about the gross pee string, leaking spots of blood always ruining that new thong, and the wastefulness from using many of your average period products. ​

After browsing the various style selection, I ended up buying two hiphuggers and a thong. Typically I wear a size large and the products fit to size, except the thong was a little big. The underwear was definitely comfortable and soft; I felt good in them. As stated on their manufacturing page, they "craft [their] undies carefully and consciously. From sustainable manufacturing processes to ethical working conditions, [they] ensure every pair is made with mindfulness and dignity." 

But, the real question, is how effective are these innovative period products? Do they really work? Can they truly replace the traditional products? Well, sadly, they cannot fully replace your traditional period products if you have a regular flow. The first two days of my cycle, my bleeding typically goes through a regular tampon (two if you include the need to change leaking) each day, and then, drastically decreases. So, the first two days, wearing the hiphugger was okay. According to THINX.com, the hiphugger should carry up to two tampons worth; however, after one day my hiphugger began leaking slightly. Leaking happened mostly by the pelvic bone (may be do to the undies ridding up my booty) and the edges of the inner thighs. Overall, they did a great job in distribution, but may not be the best option alone if you are on a heavy flow. 

So, what would I recommend THINX for if they leak more than expected? THINX products seem to be great replacement for panty liners, and they can possible replace full tampon/pad usage if the flow is on the lighter side. As shown above, they also offer a resuable tampon applicator for using non applicator tampons. Therefore, THINX can be incorporated into a variety of people's monthly routine, increasing the sustainability depending on cost and comfort levels. Either way, THINX is a great product, providing period product users a wider variety of options when buying for their period.

Another thing to consider if thinking about buying THINX is their mission to give back to the community. As displayed on their giveback page, "through [their] EveryBody program, [THINX] works with schools, after-school programs, and nonprofits to empower young people with medically accurate and inclusive information about their changing bodies." In addition, they "make donations of period products to grassroots organizations and local initiatives who ensure distribution" of period products while also "provid[ing] funding for programs and services that support underserved communities, including survivors of domestic violence, refugees, and people experiencing homelessness." So, your purchase is not only helping yourself, but giving back to women everywhere. 

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