Things Guys Like and Notice: Part 2

Since the first article blew up with popularity and I received so many comments about it, I decided to offer up some more points about things guys actually notice and like.

  1. When you just hang out together without being needy. Just being in the same room doing your own thing shows a guy that you can be low maintenance and just happy to be around them.
  2. ASK them how they are and listen, and then ask how you can help or support them. Having been in serious relationships before, one of the biggest mistakes I made was never asking how I could help my partner, and in return I never got asked back. Support is one of the most important things in a healthy relationships.
  3. Guys notice when you do small favors for them without smothering them or being controlling. Cleaning the bathroom or doing a load of laundry when they are extra stressed helps take a small task off their hands. However DON’T become their mom and smother them about it, and don’t expect anything in return.
  4. In tangent with number three, making dinner and planning to have left overs is something guys really enjoy, especially if they live alone or with other males. Food is the way to a guy’s heart, so if you cook for him AND leave food after you’re gone, he’ll be swooning over you days later.
  5. Make an occasional effort to dress up just because. You don’t need to be going out or instigating sexy time, but if you always show up in leggings and a big t-shirt, surprise them with skinny jeans, a lower cut shirt, and a litter perfume, just to show that you think they’re worth it. (Don’t plan on sexy time if you do this, but don’t be surprised if it happens as a result!)
  6. Share with them. We girls are so used to stealing guy’s hoodies or hats, so share your stuff in return! Even sharing your food will make a huge impact on them! Healthy relationships are all about give and take, so don’t do all the taking, be sure to do some giving!
  7. And lastly, guys like when you’re just real. Sure we all want to put on our best front when we meet them, but if you’re in a bit more serious situation, let down your guards and show your real self. You don’t need to wear a full face of makeup every time you see them. The more serious you get, the more real you should try to be. Hiding your ugly sides from someone will only keep distance between you. Sure, it can be super scary and difficult to let down your guards and show your ugly, stressed side to someone you really like, but trust me, if he really cares about you, he will only like you more.