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If you are a first-year student eager to know more about how to be safe around fraternities, there is almost no need to fear when partying with Theta Chi. They are a lesser known fraternity on campus, but that doesn’t discount that they are made of wonderful people and are safe to party with. From personal experience, I can say that Theta Chi is safer, more relaxed, and a much more diverse group of students than your typical fraternity!  

So, who exactly is Theta Chi? Well, luckily I was able to speak with the current president of our chapter on campus, Michael Huang, to get an even closer look into Theta Chi at DU.

What is your major?

My major is marketing and business analytics!

Why did you want to join Theta Chi instead of other fraternities?

I wanted to join Theta Chi because, unlike other frats who advertised that they were “different” and “chill”, I definitely felt safe with Theta Chi and felt at home with the people in the fraternity. I didn’t feel like I had to TRY and be a man to be cool in front of them. They’re accepting guys and I can act normal around them.

How would you describe the people in the fraternity?

Honestly, I think we are a diverse set of people. I think one of the things we have in common is that we don’t like to cause issues and like to remain lowkey. We obviously want to make a name for ourselves on campus, but we don’t really think throwing raves every night is really our style. We respect each other and hold each other accountable. Part of the reason why I love my frat so much is because we correct each other and strive to be better people.

How would you distinguish Theta Chi from other fraternities? How would you compare it to others?

I think that in numbers it’s pretty obvious that we’re one of the smaller fraternities on campus, and few people know we exist, but I think we’ve made a name for ourselves as the “nice” frat. We don’t hate, we don’t shame, we just care about each other and lend a helping hand. We’re a frat, so we focus on our brotherhood a lot and like to welcome people to experience it with us through events on campus! We also like to partner with a lot of different groups on campus to raise awareness about mental health and other things like that. Besides philanthropy, sometimes we like to host parties for other people to come and experience our fraternity culture with us (much like other frats).

What is your favorite aspect of Theta Chi? 

I like the diversity of the people in it. We have diversity in all areas, not just identity alone, and it creates a safe environment where we can all learn and grow together.

Who would you recommend to join Theta Chi?

I would recommend people who want to actually “chill” and who appreciate doing fun things everyday. I think Theta Chi is built for people who never thought they would be in a frat. This fraternity is special, and while we may not be well known, I recommend people to join it because we care about campus and we’ll for sure care for you.

Where can you find Theta Chi on social media? 

Facebook: Theta Chi Fraternity at University of Denver

Instagram: @thetachidu

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