Ten Gifts To Give Your Little

Guest Contributor: Alicia Fazio, Sophomore, DU

One of the best parts of being in a sorority is having the opportunity to find your second family while at college. As a sophomore, it is pretty typical for members to become ‘Big Sisters’ and take a new member under their wing as their “Little Sister” or little. This past year I had the amazing opportunity to have 3 littles!!!!!! Just two weeks ago I welcomed twins to my DZ family and couldn’t be happier! After this year, I have determined what every Big should give their new Little during Big/Little week. I also asked each one of my littles what they liked the most, and here is the list that I came up with! (Sidenote: I go all out with the gifts I give, but it is up to each Big what they are willing to spend and give their Littles!)


1. Sorority Letters

Giving your little a set of your sorority’s letters is one of the best gifts. No matter how you decorate them, making them an extreme craft project or simply painting them, they are great to hang up on their wall, sit on their desk, or line their bookshelf! I always gave a set of small ones for their desk and large set for their wall!


2. Picture Frame

A very easy craft for your Little is a picture frame! During the week, Bigs obviously can’t put a picture of themselves in the frame, but it’s a cute gift for all of the future adorable pictures you both will take together!


3. Wine Glasses

Another simple craft I gave all my Littles was a wine glass. It’s an adorable item to have sit on your desk, and useful to put smaller items that don’t have a home in it.

4. Cups

Similar to the wine glasses, I gave a Delta Zeta tervis, cups, or found drinkware with my littles initials on them. These are great gifts because they are either cups you’ve had from sorority events, or cheap mugs from Target or Michaels.


5. Stuffed Animals

I know this seems like a weird one, but I gave my twins stuffed animals of our sorority mascot (a turtle) and they both loved the plushies! They are cute box fillers, and represent your chapter in the box.

6. Mason Jars

Every time I took a Little I always gave them multiple mason jars. They are so multifaceted, and no matter what you use them for it’s great way to give things to your Little. Decorate it in your sorority’s colors, stuff them with candy, or write “Reasons Why I Love You” on popsicle sticks, any way they’ll love getting new mason jars for their room!


7. Snacks and Candy

Want to make your Littles even more happy? Give them a bunch of their favorite food and candy! No matter what crafts, or other gifts you give your Little, they will love you because they got their favorite snacks! This makes each day’s gifts more personalized to the Little.



8. Badge Box

A Badge Box is optional because some people like to give them at initiation, once the new members have been initiated into active members. However, I like to give my Little a Badge Box during Big/ Little so they have it once their badge comes in. It is also useful for them during their new member process so they can use it for their new member pins.


9. Canvases

This is my favorite part of Big/ Little week, because it’s my chance to be crafty and make cute and funny canvases. I gave each Little at least one canvas every day, so they can have a cute craft to bring home. I also made sure to make at least one Delta Zeta canvas, one funny canvas, one personalized canvas, and one Big/Little related canvas. (Personalized can range from their home state, their favorite show, or favorite clothing brand.)



When I asked my Littles what their favorites gifts were all three said T-SHIRTS!!! No matter if they are brand new shirts or old hand-me-downs, every little will love it because they can now wear shirts to rep their new chapter! I gave away shirts I got as a new member that I never wore, or shirts I bought that I didn’t want anymore. A great tip I learned was to always ask older girls in the sorority if they have any shirts they would be willing to sell or donate to you. Especially ask seniors who will be graduating soon as they most likely do not want them after they graduate and have an abundance of srat shirts in the bottom of their closet.

Bonus 11. Boxes

            I won so many Big Points from my littles when I gave them baskets and boxes that they can use on a daily basis. Although these can be a pricey items, it is useful for the Littles when picking up their gifts every day, and then they will be able to use the bigger ones to store things (like all the t-shirts) in their dorm room! Like in the first picture, I decorated them to each Little’s personality and their room theme so I know they would use it in the future!



Other Things I gave:

  • Family Keychain
  • My Little’s name in letters
  • Gifts from the dollar section at Target
  • Decorations for their room
  • Confetti in their boxes
  • Food and Drinks with Big/ Little puns

**Items made by author