Super Bowl 51 Gets Political

Super Bowl 51 got political this year- not only did Lady Gaga give us a political half time show, but over half of the advertisements that aired throughout the game sent political messages, too. Check out any that you missed by clicking on the links! 

Lady Gaga- LG rightfully started with the National Anthem to remind us all that we are one nation... a good reminder in these new and uncertain times. Not only did she send an uplifting political message, she also rocked her tummy and sent an uplifting commentary on body image. With all the internet uproar about her belly, we proudly support her! Go Gaga go! We stand with you and your body confidence. #nobodyshaming

Mr. Clean promoted gender equality and dismantled gender roles. Not to mention, the ad showed us the steamy love that can come from mopping the floor just in time for Valentine’s Day.

84Lumber is arguably the most intense ad of the Super Bowl. The company showed us that they are standing with Mexican immigrants and their journey for home and equality through family, love, hard work and compassion.

Airbnb with their “we accept” ad featured people of all colors, ages, and nations with the empowering message, “we believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept each other!

Audi gave us a powerful message about daughters and building a future of equal opportunity for women. Audi may be the most talked about commercial of all, topping countless Super Bowl commercial review surveys.

Budweiser shared their story of the American melting pot that subtly reminds us all that we are from somewhere else and have come together to call this country home.

Honda launched their “Power of Dreams” campaign during the Super Bowl aimed at encouraging anyone and everyone to strive for their dreams.

While there were many more commercials that were both funny and serious, these few ads spoke loudly among traditional advertising this past Sunday in hopes that our communities will unite for the greater good.