Staying Motivated Through Spring

    As spring begins to don over Denver and the weather calls everyone outside, the thought of remaining inside a lecture hall can be unappealing in comparison. With the start of spring quarter at DU, this conflict is present throughout campus, but it is important to stay motivated. Everyone hits a point where it may be difficult keeping motivation up and life balanced, and Sophomore, AP Baldrich, explains why some may be facing this lack of motivation.

    “Spring quarter is harder than other quarters because it’s the last one of the year and students are tired from winter quarter,” Baldrich said. “There is only one week for break before spring quarter compared with the 6 week break before winter quarter so it makes it harder to come back motivated for the last quarter.”

    While spring quarter does pose some challenges, many do start off in a refreshed mindset, hoping to carry that through the quarter. Freshman, Daly Carlson, after having the opportunity to take a small break, is excited to begin her new schedule.

    “I feel like I am starting spring more motivated. I have a schedule where I like my classes more than I have in the past quarters,” Carlson said. “As I become closer to sophomore standing I am able to take more classes that appeal to my interests and major.”

    In either mindset, motivated or not, it is always important to have activities and tools to maintain motivation. Baldrich, in order to not get overwhelmed, has many ways of balancing all of her classes with calming activities.

    “To manage stress and stay motivated, I like to hang out with friends and exercise,” Baldrich said. “I focus on being organized and trying to finish everything on time. If I get too stressed, I’ll take a nap and watch TV until I feel better.”

    Falling into a lack of motivation can always be difficult as a student. With no want to keep up with work, there is always a risk of lack of motivation turning into stress. Freshman, Camille Toner, describes her experience with this correlation.  

    “If I ever begin to get less motivated, stress always seems to follow,” Toner said. “I think this happens mainly because I have less time to do everything, so I know the work may not be as high quality then if I had worked on it longer.”

    With so many aspects of motivation, or lack thereof, it is important to reflect on what a good start can provide. Freshman, Emma Bliwas, reflects on some wise words shared by her professor that made her realise the importance of starting strong.

    “On the first day, my professor said something to everyone that really stuck with me,” Bliwas said. “It was along the lines of if we don’t have a good foundation we aren’t going to do well the rest of the quarter. So, I think really working hard to understand the more basic concepts will set you up for success.”