A Sense of Belonging Found Through Culture

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, and what you’ve accomplished, you can benefit from a sense of belonging. 

In the fast-paced and chaotic society that is our country, it is easy to lose ourselves in the societal norms, the demands of yesterday, and the pressures of tomorrow. As humans, we have a difficult time acknowledging our worth and taking ownership of our journey. Some days it feels easier staying within our comfort zone rather than chasing after that big dream. While the world is evolving quickly, and it’s easy to let the fear of the unknown take control, finding a sense of belonging will allow you to feel grounded.

Finding a sense of belonging is not only personalized, but it’s special because it comes in many forms. For some, feeling a sense of belonging may be found through family and friendships, while for others it may be found through cuisine, community service, exercising, or devoting themselves to a certain craft. Being a part of something bigger than one’s self allows them to feel as though they’re contributing to something greater. 

Friends Walking Together 3 Breanna Coon / Her Campus For many, their culture is where they find their sense of belonging. The topic of culture is very broad, yet so personal to the individual. Whatever the group may be, and which ever culture you happen to identify with, there’s a sense of mutual understanding for one another. In many cases within a culture, values, morals, and specific interests are shared. In other words, a common ground may be found. When you happen to be surrounded by individuals who share the same judgment, it makes it easier to be a better version of yourself. No matter the individual, one deserves to find their “home,” and feel as though they can simply be. 

While the concept of culture supports the individual, there’s also a focus on the community aspect. Culture strengthens the life of the group in its entirety, as well as the individual. One’s ancestry, origin, education, or artistry may contribute to their cultural identity. As we grow and experience the beauty and trials of life, our identity evolves alongside us. While you may change occupations, meet new people, or move across the country, your cultural identity moves along with you and acts as your backbone. 

As your identity continues to grow with you, run closer to the things that bring you comfort and peace. Whatever it may be that contributes to you reaching your cultural identity, a sense of belonging can be found.