Product Review: Swim Classy

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Summer is getting even closer DU students! It's getting hotter and hotter each day, and we are wearing less and less clothing because it's so hot. Sometimes it's hard to find a brand of clothing that provides cool lounge wear for hot summer days. Well, I am excited to say I'm a brand ambassador for Swim Classy!

In the words of Swim Classy: 

"[We are] not only a swimsuit store but a movement. All photos are unedited, and untouched (except for lighting) to promote body positivity. We want you to look at our photos and gain confidence as opposed to lose confidence, because ladies- No matter what shape or size you are- you are always SLAYING! Social media has already been taken over with how us ladies are EXPECTED to look, and if we don't look a certain way we should feel ashamed. Swim Classy's goal is to one day override that and create a new trend for women- and that is to LOVE yourself just the way you are!"

I LOVE this idea and the movement this brand is pushing. They have a variety of clothing from lounge wear to two piece sets to pool side collections. The one downside is that it's usually a bit pricey; however, sales are going on constantly and the website always boasts a great clearance section. Plus, you can use my discount code ROSE25 to receive an extra 25% off your order.

As someone who struggles to find two piece swim suits, I was so happy that ordering a medium for both the top and bottom pieces did not turn out to be a disaster. They fit very well, not too tight and not too loose... just right! Also, I felt so confident with my body, and I believe this suit accentuates my curves very well. This is important to me since many clothes designed and produced in popular fashion do not consider pear-shape body types; however, this suit was able to fit my body perfectly. It reminds me a bit of FashionNova, another amazing clothing brand for women with more curvy body types. 

I highly recommend checking out their website and Instagram. Almost every product has a feed of Instagram picture of real women in the products, so you can really see how it would look on various body types which is SO AMAZING!