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Product Review: beyondBeanie

What if the bracelets you wear this Summer could make this world a better place? Well, they can when you purchase them through beyondBeanie. I am excited to be a beyondBeanie brand ambassador and share this amazing brand with you!

Use my code ROSE25 for 25% of your order!

BeyondBeanie is a brand dedicated to supporting Bolivian artisans and the children of their communities. They sell products made by local Bolivian artisans, such as beanies, bracelets, ponchos, and more! Every product is signed by the person who made it, which is so cute! I recently bought a beanie and a couple of bracelets and absolutely love them! The most exciting part for me is that EVERY product purchased directly impacts a child in a disadvantaged community.

The beanie

April Vollmer at Bishop’s Castle photographed by Alaix Parra

I went to Bishop’s Castle in Rye, Colorado this past weekend. The altitude gets pretty high and if you’ve lived in Colorado for awhile you know how windy it can be up there. This beanie kept my head warm, but at the same time it wasn’t stuffy. It was sunny, but the breeze was chilling enough that my ears and nose would get cold; so, this beanie’s design was perfect since it is meant to cover the ears and does so without covering your entire forehead. I loved it! 

The beanie is made from 20% alpaca and 80% acrylic and must be hand washed with shampoo and left out to air dry. Each beanie is individually made, so many designs are one of a kind and can run out. 10/10 recommend buying this product if you want a beanie for breezy days that adds some flare to your outfit. Use my code ROSE25 for 25% of your order!

The bracelets

April’s hand photographed by Alaix Parra

I also bought a couple of bracelets which are even more unique than the hats. One thing I absolutely love about these is the adjustable tie that brings the bracelet together. As my wrists are tiny, like a child’s, I have trouble finding bracelets to wear that don’t continuously slide up my arm. These, however, fit my wrist perfectly and stay in place. 10/10 recommend purchasing these to rock with your summer outfits on the beach or in the mountains! Use my code ROSE25 for 25% of your order!

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