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Path to my Dream Major-Anastasia Vylegzhanina

Whom do you want to be in your life? I assume that almost every kid has been asked this question, at least once in their lives, am I right? It seems to be a pretty simple question to answer, and while being in our 10s, we know the exact reply to give: “I want to be a doctor, cosmonaut, outstanding scientist”, and so on, so forth. But how does it happen that the closer it gets to the high school graduation ceremony we start suddenly struggling with the final decision to make about whom to become in the nearest future?

During my childhood, I had many ideas about my career because I have been interested in many things like biology, chemistry, history, and I even dedicated 7 years of my life to professional dancing and went to art school for 4 years. There was a quite broad range of choices for chasing my dream career, but at the same time, the very known fact of human nature brought a lot of pain in the neck. Right now, it would be fair enough to ponder what human nature fact I am talking about here. Well, this fact states that in a case of a big variety of options, the human mind simply shuts down and becomes unable to choose the evident thing. Just imagine all of that range of unique and customizable Casetify cases for any of your electronic gadgets waiting to be selected and ordered by you, but your mind blows up making the final decision towards the most suitable choice because there are so many awesome ones, aren’t there? Coming back to my important career decision, I considered becoming an architect suddenly after throwing away my first idea of being an economist. Do you think it was my final decision? Not at all. Right after prom night, I was struck by the deep thought that I didn’t want to be an architect either!

Thankfully my fascinatingly smart mom suggested going for pursuing a degree in education which was always a big “no” for me. If truth be told, I was crying a lot, but a bit later I realized the huge benefit of becoming a teacher of foreign languages- learning new languages is absolutely free in Russia and you have a great chance to get your Bachelor’s degree for free if you pass all of your final exams with high scores, which I luckily did! As a result, I got on the way of constant hard work of learning English and German from scratch simultaneously with learning how to teach both of them. There 100% are no regrets from this experience.

But please, don’t get too excited ’cause my career struggling was far from ending at that moment. During my final year at the university, I started applying for my master’s degree and besides switching my major from teaching to web design, I decided to get it abroad and to be exact in the United States particularly. To say that everything that I had to accomplish to get into one of the American universities was easy is to say nothing. On the other hand, for once in my life, I felt that I was on the right path and that it is what I was always meant to achieve! After many sleepless nights, online research, and numerous tests with admissions advisors, I did it, I was admitted to the University of Denver which was my very first choice for getting a Masters of Science in Information and Communication Technologies. When I received a favorable email from the university, I did not know that I could hold that much happiness inside of me!

Think this is the happy ending? Nah, too soon. Ready? So while living in Denver and having extraordinary classes with fascinating professors, I came to the conclusion that I am much more interested in User Experience Design and UX Writing rather than in the techy web design flow. Consequently, I am currently doing my graduating certificate in UX Strategy on top of my master’s at DU. I bet for many people, it may sound like a nightmare, but my sour is in peace with my final career decision of becoming a UX/UI designer and writer. There is no secret that it is a ton of hard work prior to graduation, but despite occasional complaints people around can hear from my humble personality, I am honestly having a blast here. In the end, I sincerely wish everybody will find their right career path sooner or later! Believe me, there is nothing that can defeat your spirit when you are on your way to becoming who you are destined to be! Just never give up on your dreams!

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