Parents Weekend As Told by GIFs

Parents weekend is actually, low key the best thing ever. Free dinners out and target trips? Count us in!! Forget all of those moments from O-Week freshman year when you swore you were better off without your parental units - it's time to talk about how we actually feel about parents weekend. P.S. There is free brunch too!

1. Getting so pumped to see them that you leap for joy knowing your going to get free nice, non Sodexo meals and love and attention all weekend. 

2. Trying to introduce your FWB to them without raising any awkward questions.

3. The moment when you go shopping and get all of the lovely things you won’t spend the money to buy for yourself.

4. When your parents accidentally say/do something embarrassing but you can’t be mad because you don’t get to see them that much.

5. Your face when your parents ask you if you really need them to take you to Target.

6. The sweet feeling of having an excuse for not going out and being able to sprawl out on a hotel bed at 11pm. 

7. Coming to the realization that your parents are leaving Sunday, which means you actually have to do all of the homework that you have been avoiding since Friday.