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Panhel President Marissa Hammers

This weekend at DU one of the most exciting and overwhelming events in a collegiette’s life is taking place: Formal fall recruitment. The Panhellenic Council here at DU has done wonders to make recruitment something that is fun, as well as frills and stress free. This week our campus celebrity is Marissa Hammers the Panhellenic President. Marissa has worked tirelessly to make not only recruitment flawless but also to boost panhellenic spirit on campus and here at Her Campus DU we were just dying to ask her a few questions. 
Fast Facts: Year in school, major/minors, hometown/city 
Fourth Year, Accounting Major, Chemistry Minor, Littleton, CO
What is one thing about recruitment that most excites you?
My favorite part of recruitment is helping all of the women going through the process find their home in a chapter!
What are some of your responsibilities as the DU Panhellenic President?
As President of the Panhellenic Association, I work as a mediator between the Student Life staff and the women in Panhellenic sororities; help solve issues that arise for the Panhellenic community; and help to foster a sense of unity among our community.
Finish this sentence: You know it’s formal recruitment season when….
You know it’s formal recruitment season when you can’t get the songs of the different sororites out of your head and you find yourself humming them constantly…
What are some of your goals for the panhellenic community this year?
I have many goals and plans for the Panhellenic community this year, but the most important ones for me personally are increasing Panhellenic spirit in all of our chapters, hosting more events as a community, and planning a fun philanthropy event for the entire fraternity and sorority life community! 
How has Sorority and Fraternity Life personally impacted your life?
Being a part of a sorority has had a huge impact on my life these past three years. I am more confident in myself and all that I do, I have been given several opportunities to be a leader, and I have made countless life-long memories, all while creating friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. While sorority life isnt for everyone, it has been one of the best choices I have made during my time as a collegian!
Do you have any advice for girls who are going through the recruitment process or who are planning to COB in the spring?
Don’t stress too much! Trust me, your outfit is on point and that last conversation you had was just as great as you thought it was. The women recruiting you are just as nervous as you are, so take a deep breath and know that it will all work out as its supposed to!
5 years from now what would you like to see the panhellenic community at DU look like?
In 5 years, I hope that the Panhellenic community has at least two additional chapters in the community and that we are even more involved across campus and in the Denver community. 


I'm from Westchester, New York and am a junior at the University of Denver. Currently I'm a media studies major and a double minor in fine arts and communications. When I'm not busy writing papers, avoiding math or at a sorority event I can be found in the mountains or watching movies. One day I will probably be making indie films and hanging out on the ski slopes. My Pro Tip: Do what you love, love what you do.    
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