An Ode to Dog Envy

Dog Envy: the feeling college students get when they see cute dog videos on their news feeds, dogs walking on campus or are following dog accounts on Instagram. You all know what this is and exactly how much it can hurt. It’s week 4 of the quarter and all you want is to be at home and see your baby or babies, for those of us who are #blessed to have more than one dog. Dogs can make even the worst of days better when you are in college, however, dog envy can leave you counting the days until you get home to see your best friend. Here’s an ode to this bittersweet feeling and the media that all too often triggers the feels to creeps up on us.

The video of that precious Bernese mountain puppy attacking a lemon

The Dogist of Instagram 

Seeing cute dogs being walked on campus

Flipping through your phone and coming across photos of not only your dogs but also your friend’s dogs 

Whether you are near or far from your precious puppies, always remmebr that they miss you just as much as you miss them. And yes, they will be patiently waiting for you to come home.