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New Human Rights Advocacy Club Joins DU’s Campus

Freedom. Rights. Education. Evolution. The four components that Rebecca Alfaro and Marnier LeBlanc put together when creating the new F.R.E.E DU organization that was brought to DU’s campus this past fall.

F.R.E.E DU was created with numerous goals in mind, all of which are extremely important to recognize in today’s time. Most broadly, the goal is to raise awareness for the many human rights violations that we see both in the United States and around the world. More specifically, this organization hopes to focus strongly on the issues affecting and harming the lives of girls and women, in particular sex and labor trafficking, child marriage, and the lack of or access to education.

Alfaro and LeBlanc turned towards the work of the United Nations Girl Up Campaign and Amnesty International when structuring F.R.E.E DU. The Girl Up Campaign is a branch of the UN that focuses on empowering girls and raising funds in order to help make girl and women empowerment a global reality. Amnesty International campaigns for human rights worldwide. F.R.E.E DU hopes to combine the message and goals of these two organizations and concentrate on the support and advocacy of human and women’s rights.

F.R.E.E DU not only wants to raise awareness, but also hopes to raise funds for the Girl Up Campaign and various operations of Amnesty International throughout the year on campus. Student and staff involvement is necessary to make a true difference in these areas of violation.

In order to help create positive change in the area of human rights violations we, as students and as members of the next generation in charge, must first recognize that these violations exist and understand that change is needed to create a world where equality is seen between all people of all nations.  


For more information about joining F.R.E.E. DU contact: Rebecca Alfano  

For more information on Girl Up Campaign

For more information on Amnesty International

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