The Mystical, Magical, and Paranormal: Why I Choose to Believe

As a psychology major, I was taught to think of the parapsychological world as something that sometimes can be explained through science. I was told that your brain can trick you into all sorts of things. It’s such a powerful machine, and our imaginations are most likely just as powerful. 

In other classes, I’ve learned about experiences, senses and perception. There is so much I know that could make me a skeptic. But I still choose to believe in parapsychological experiences and put together essays about paranormal beliefs. I’ve always held the idea that there is more to life than what we experience in this world. There should be more – there is more – and I probably share that belief with other people. 

glass orb and city Anika Huizinga

My love for this topic started when I was really young. As a child, the first contest I ever won was a local costume contest where I dressed up as a witch for Halloween. I was fascinated by the holiday, and it made me more excited than my birthday. 

My second encounter with these ideals was through Peter Pan. It was my favorite movie growing up. The idea of a mystical land made me feel safe. If anything went wrong, Peter Pan could come and take me to the “second start to the right.” It was comforting to me, a way to cope with my life. That was why I liked going to Disney, too. It felt like I was entering another world.

My interest in magical worlds became most evident when I discovered Harry Potter. The movies fascinated me. I contently wished to discover a magical world that was parallel to ours. This may be nonsense, but it doesn’t take away my beliefs. I believe there is more to this life than what we have seen. 

Harry Potter World Hogwarts Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

As of now, I have a particular interest for psychological research where paranormal beliefs and experiences are challenged. I’ve come across many studies that imply that there are things that simply can’t be explained through psychology or neuroscience. Things that go beyond our understanding.

That is why I choose to believe in alternate realities, the existence of the paranormal and some sort of phenomenon that we’ve yet to name but in the time-being is called magic. 

It gives a spark to my imagination. When I write, I envision different worlds. It’s become a coping mechanism because it’s better than not hoping for anything, I guess. I’m a pretty grounded person, but I believe daydreaming once in a while doesn’t do any harm. It’s fun to imagine different places and situations. That is how the greatest books are written.