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Hearing other people’s music when they have headphones in

Seriously, headphones are meant so everyone else doesn’t have to listen to the same thing as you, and so you can listen to music in public spaces without being rude. But people like to completely disregard the functions of headphones and turn their music up so loud that everyone nearby can hear it too. It’s so obnoxious and so rude. While most people will be chill when you ask them to turn it down, it’s something that I just hate having to do, because obviously you don’t want to be bothered; and frankly, I shouldn’t have to ask.

Shrimp tails still on in prepared meals

This is a very personal pet peeve, but it is one of my biggest ones, so it needs to be here. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a dish, say some sort of pasta, with shrimp in it, and then when it arrives, you notice that the shrimp still have their tails on, so you have to stick your hands into your pasta dish to remove the tails? Yeah, that’s annoying. In my culinary opinion, in dishes that are not finger food, shrimp tails should always be removed prior to cooking, and especially prior to serving.

People walking into class/elevator/room/doorway before someone else can get the chance to leave

Let me get out of your way first, geez.

Small groups of people taking up way too much space on the sidewalk and refusing to move out of the way

C’mon people, share the sidewalk! We all need to walk here. You don’t need to be almost a foot away from your friends, especially when there’s 4 of you. Please just skootch over and give me somewhere to walk.


I do not understand Yeet, and that is likely my problem, but I think it is the most annoying word trend that has come about in the last decade. People just say it to say it without any context sometimes, and I just give them my weirded-out, confused look. Like what does it mean? What is it for? Why????

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