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My Siblings, My Sunshines

It’s almost the end of winter quarter, and hopefully, you are also starting to see the light shining at the end of the tunnel AKA canvas assignments clearing from your dashboard. However, there may be something else motivating you! For me, I’m ready for this quarter to finish because that means seeing my siblings during spring break. There is a 12 year age gap between my little sister and I and 13 year between my brother and I, so my siblings are really like my little babies. I was there when they came into this world, and I’ll be there for them whenever possible. To display my love for them and just how much I miss them, below is a poem written by me in 2017 dedicated to them. 

My Sunshines

Shadows all around, the darkness was a warm blanket wrapped around her.  

It was her shield, 

Shielding her from the pain, the misery – the emptiness. 

For years she wore this blanket; 

It became her friend, a constant in a life of instability.  

Then, a star flew down from the sky, 

Hurling at the blanket; 

It worked; 

It penetrated through. 

The girl was captivated by this new form of energy.  

It shone bright, melting the blanket around her, 

Becoming a new one surrounding her.  

The star grew, learned – all with her help; 

It glistened and glowed’ 

The warmness began to flow from inside her, 

Growing alongside the star. 

It radiated from her body, 

Now forming blanket around those who she loves, 

Including the new stars in her life.

My siblings captured on Halloween 2018
Currently a graduate from the University of Denver with a BS in Psychology (concentration: cognitive neuroscience) and BA in Spanish. With a passion for learning, she enjoys understanding more the world, others, and herself. She absolutely loves her orange hair, being a woman, traveling, languages, and exploring new ideas and cultures. Also, she's in the #girlgang for life.
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