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Ever since I began my education, I have always tried my best. Even in the most stressful of times I took comfort in knowing that meeting deadlines and studying would eventually lead me to my dreams. Aside from investing in my future, my education offered something much bigger: an escape.

My mother was arrested when I was younger and my world crashed around me. I developed extreme anxiety which made any task, especially involving school, all the more difficult. While working through my anxiety was difficult (and still is), I tried my best to never let it get in the way of my schooling. In fact, when it felt as if all the things I loved and cared about were falling apart around me, school became my saving grace.

School has always been a constant, sure force in my life. I’d wake up, go to school, learn new things, come home, do homework, repeat. I didn’t know it then, but choosing to dedicate myself to my schooling even in the most difficult of times would pay off in the future. When it came time to apply to college, I was more than prepared for higher education. 

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Starting college, like for any individual, brought new challenges to work through. Although I have and always will struggle with anxiety, I found that my education has allowed me to work through some of the toughest aspects of my disorder. While it used to feel like the end of the world when I faced a stressful assignment or exam, I now have the skills to face these things head on with ease.

No, my anxiety hasn’t just disappeared, but I have a better handle on how to manifest these feelings in a more positive way. Since I am close to the end of my undergraduate career, I continue to remind myself that I will soon be facing another new obstacle: graduate school. However, I know that whatever stresses it brings me I will continue to develop new tools to better cope with the real world beyond school.

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My education has not only given me book knowledge, but has also taught me how to function in my own world with the personal issues I face. I think it is important for everyone to take a look at what challenges they face and what outside sources can push them forward to a better future. For me, that was my education. What can you use to help you improve?

Hello! I am one of the Her Campus DU Campus Correspondents! I am majoring in Psychology with minors in Chemistry and Criminology with the hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist someday! I joined Her Campus to be able to get my voice out there, as writing is one of my utmost passions. Some of my favorite things include Jesus, my family, and learning new things.
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