Morning Routine to Make Every Day a Fresh Start

Life doesn’t always go as planned. The goals we set at the beginning of the year may change as situations do, and it’s easy to feel like you’re hitting snooze on all of your resolutions. But, it’s okay if your goals change and head in a different direction. You have the opportunity to start again every single day. Why wait for the end of the year to feel fresh and positive?  With this guide, you don’t need to take more than a few minutes a day to restart and recharge!


  1. 1. Lemon water in the morning


    Start the day with some vitamin C to hydrate and energize. There is nothing better than drinking a cold glass of lemon water on an empty stomach. It has many benefits such as antibacterial properties, detoxifying agents, liver cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Nutrition experts at Edison Institute of Nutritionrecommend to take one or two cups in the morning to increase your body’s metabolism. 

  2. 2. Hold off technology

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    Like most, I’m guilty of checking my phone first thing in the morning to update myself on anything I missed overnight. However, this might be what’s keeping you from enjoying the beauty of the morning and how self-reflective getting ready can be. Try and stay away from any screens before breakfast, and keep the world aside for some minutes. Let yourself meditate on what you want for the day and the goals that you set for yourself. Before checking in with the outside world, make sure to check in with the most important person in your life: you!

  3. 3. Self-reflect

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    Whether it’s writing notes on your calendar, listening to your favorite morning song or just looking out your window, take a second or two for yourself.  Appreciate how good it is to be waking up in the morning and being allowed another beautiful day filled with opportunity. Reflect on what you are thankful for and what your wishes are. It’s always good to be aware of the positive things that surround us and how lucky we are. Set goals for that day or week, and break down your day in order to achieve these. 

    Tip: If you are running out of time for meditation, do it while brushing your teeth or doing your skin care routine. It will give your mind a clean slate to work from.

  4. 4. Don't linger in yesterday

    How many times do we wake up and think about that problem or embarrassing thing that we did yesterday? It’s a burden to carry around, even more so when it’s the first thing you think about in the morning. Instead of bringing yourself down at the early hours, let the past go. Go over to your calendar, and cross-out the day before. Focus on solutions instead and how you can do things differently in the future. You can’t take back the past, but you can solve it by taking action and moving forward.

  5. 5. Music is the best medicine

    you are what you listen to

    There isn’t anything a good dance session won’t make better. Tune in to your favorite radio station or play your favorite songs. Dancing is known to be good for your brain. Christopher Bergland, author of The Athlete’s Way, says that dancing maximizes cognitive function and improves function on a variety of levels. 

    “When was the last time you went out dancing? I make a habit of going to my local dance club called the Atlantic House at least once a week. I have been dancing to DJ David LaSalle’s music in the same spot in front of a huge speaker since 1988. Some of my friends make fun of me for ‘chasing butterflies’ and acting like a fool on the dance floor. I don’t care. I know that dancing and spontaneously trying to spin like Michael Jackson is good for my brain.” -Christopher Bergland

    Studies have found that listening to the music you love will make your brain release dopamine. If you don’t like dancing, go for a run! Nothing like a good dose of dopamine and endorphins to have the perfect restart that you are looking for. 

We can all find ways to personalize our morning routine. It’s important that we take a moment every morning to reflect and activate our bodies. Aligning your energy for the day and setting goals can make every morning feel like a new beginning. 

Here is a morning playlist to accompany your new routines!