Love Your Melon Member: Allie Potter

If you haven't already seen these adorable hats on campus or on Instagram, then you've got to check them out! Love Your Melon is here at DU and is ready to bring not only stylish hats but also smiles to children. Here to tell us all a little bit more about the Love Your Melon crew at DU is sophomore Allie Potter. 

Some Fast Facts about Allie: 

Majors/minors: Major: International Business. Minor: Business Law and Ethics, Economics.

Hometown/city: Orono, Minnesota

Involvement on campus: Love Your Melon, Chi Omega Sorority, DUPB-Marketing Committee, Ethics Bootcamp Leader

HC: What is the Love Your Melon crew?

AP: Love your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the country on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America. The LYM crew is composed of a maximum of 20 students on every campus that are ambassadors of the brand. The LYM crew helps raise awareness for the cause and promote the organization.

HC: How long have they been on campus at DU?

AP: LYM began at DU at the beginning of Winter Quarter 2016 and we have roughly 20 people in our crew right now.

HC: Why did you want to be part of Love Your Melon?

AP: I wanted to be a part of the Love Your Melon Crew because I wanted to be a part of an organization that understands that the children battling cancer are facing things that I, along with many others, could not bare. I loved the idea of helping put a smile on children’s faces and making a difference by being their “super hero”. As a crew we visit hospitals, donate hats and spend time with families who are facing this tragedy of childhood cancer.

HC: What are your goals for the upcoming quarter at DU?

AP: Our goal is to raise awareness for the organization and host an event promotion the cause, and getting the student body involved.

HC: What is one thing that you love about Love Your Melon?

AP: I love the organization's values and the ability for us as a crew to make a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by childhood cancer.

HC: Where can student’s get those lovely hats?

AP: Students can get a hat by preorder from The company releases products incrementally - students can be added to the email list to receive information on when products will be released, and also what colors/styles will be released. At check-out, students may click to support the University of Denver Crew. The more support the DU Crew gets, the more hats we are able to give away to local families and the more hospital visits we get to be a part of. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for this awesome crew, and incredible cause! Thanks for bringing awareness and support to something so near and dear to many hearts.