A Love Letter to My Role Models

My whole life, I have seen the women in my family as role models. They made me so proud, and they inspired me. Especially my mother – through the ups and downs in our relationship, we’ve always found a way to work as a team. She’s such a powerful woman with deep emotions and impressive intellect. I will always look at her and see the strength she holds. 

Even though my mother and the other successful women in my family are role models to me, I wanted to pay honor to my best friends. We shape ourselves accordingly to what we admire in the people around us. My friends have grown around me, and through them, I see all the beautiful things a woman can be. 

This is a letter to them, these women who have been in my life for a long time and supported me through ups and downs. These women fight their own battles but no matter what their spark never goes away. I look up to them, and they motivate me to be better. Respect and mutual trust rule our relationships. Even though we may have moved far away from each other, I am blessed to see their growth and power. I feel lucky that I am chosen to walk those journeys with them, despite the distance. 

  1. 1. To my best friends, 

    You know me to my core. I’ve shared every aspect of myself with you, and I’m thankful that you have never once judged me. But this isn’t about me or how thankful I am for our friendships. This is a praise to you and all the reasons you act as role models of powerful women in my life.

  2. 2. Cynthia,

    You challenge ideals, thoughts, and society as a whole. You’ve always kept true to yourself. I admire the way no situation lets you doubt who you are, as that is one of the hardest things to do in life. There have been so many situations when I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m encouraged by your image – a person that sticks to her ideals and values. You don’t let any situation throw off that strong personality of yours. You tell it as it is, and conforming is not in your vocabulary. You’ve taught me strength and the value of loving my personality. 

    There are so many things I’ve absorbed from you. As we get closer and closer, there is more to discover. I’m proud of your path not only as a future doctor but as a person, because I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for and stay your own through the rocky path that is life. 

  3. 3. Vanessa,

    We grew up together. We used to hate each other, I must admit. I disliked you because I was jealous. You were so sure of yourself, and I was insecure. I criticized everything I envied in you. 

    Time passed, and I came to realize that I didn’t want you as my enemy anymore. I wanted to learn from you. I still remember the day you told me you got your book published. You were so young and yet so smart. The book was well written, and from it I could see the creative potential in you. You went on to do great in school, and now you’re learning professional photography all by yourself. Your shots are amazing, unlike any other. You have an eye for beauty that is rare to find. But most importantly, you did it all on your own. No one helped you write that book or learn how to use a camera. You are determined and creative, and those are things that I will always look up to in you. 

  4. 4. Julia, 

    Talking to you gives me hope for the future. You know what you want, and you fight for it. I can’t believe how far you’ve gotten with your medical career, and you have yet to graduate. You published an article on neuroscientific investigation, and I’m excited to not only read it but have you tell me about it. You represent not only your school by publishing these articles but Mexico on an international level. I know the future holds much for you – you will be an excellent doctor. 

    You will influence the world with your research and passion for what you do. You are only 22 years old and already looking to better the world through medicine. Your vision and intelligence will bring you so many places, but in my eyes, you have already succeeded in becoming someone I look up to. I can’t wait to see the change you will make in this world. Your work is exemplary. 

  5. 5. Gina, 

    I can’t express how honored I am to call you my friend. Throughout your life, you’ve encountered many rough patches and struggles. Yet you are always there with a smile on your face and an energy that reaches the people around you. It’s funny to say that our spot is in the ER of a hospital, but it shows we’ve been there for each other in all of our worst moments. 

    You care for me and the people you love in an unimaginable way. Your heart is so big that you’ve made your career out of the love you have for people. You’ve taught me that one can heal and replenish their heart by dedicating time to help others. You’ve founded your own organization, Change Is Wild, and I know it will reach many people who need someone like you to care for them. 

  6. 6. Through life’s darkness, 

    All of you bring a bright light into the world. I like to think you don’t need to impact thousands of people to leave your mark on this world – one is enough, and you have left yours in mine. You have shown me how to be bigger and stronger every day. I’ve gone through gloomy times, and your presence in my life has kept me motivated. 

    There is always something to learn from you, and the beauty of our friendships keeps me positive. I’m grateful to call all of you my best friends. I love you for who you are and have made me become. We’ve grown together, we’ve fought, we’ve partied, we’ve cried and laughed together. 


    I hope to be a role model for you, too. As you have taught me things, I hope there is something I’ve moved in you. You are my forever role models.