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A Love Letter to My Friends by Anastasia Vylegzhanina


My Dear Friends,

Don’t you agree that love can come in many forms?  Don’t you think that this magical entity can be expressed in a myriad of different ways? Whether this is through an intrinsic friendship or strong wedlock that is long-lasting? Therefore, I would like to write about the love that I share with you: the love of our friendship.

All sorts of fascinating people come and go during life, but real friends are those who stay by your side no matter what happens. There is no way to describe why some people impact you more than others. So, what makes these individuals so special that you can proudly call them your best friends?

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I assure you there is a reasonable explanation. For instance, when you meet someone for the first time, your gut usually says: “Can I trust him/her? Do I want to be friends/keep in touch?”. For me, my friends, I found this to be true with you. If you have ever experienced something like this, you probably know what I am talking about. You feel some sort of warmth or empathy to those strangers and later on, it grows into a friendship.  Time is a key factor in growing a friendship. With time, you can see a person's true nature. Despite the ferocious ability of time to devour years after years of our lives, it sprinkles the friendship with the right dosage of respect, trust, and love.

Truth be told, having reliable and supportive people in your life is a miracle.  I am so glad to have friends with who I can rely upon. I can be myself when I am with them and I am grateful to share a number of experiences and precious memories with these significant personalities. I love to learn from them and I am honored to watch them grow.

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Love has many faces. The love of friendship is one of the most vital that keeps me moving forward. It is a magical elixir that lifts me up when I am in a dark place. It feels like nothing else fulfills me with as much joy as hearing words like “I am delighted to consider you to be my friend. Call me or text me whatever you want!”


With love,



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