Justin Bieber Is About to Rock Denver's World


Since it's now officially less than a week away, it's now officially okay to start losing your sh*t. Justin Bieber will be in Denver in five days, and I'm not so sure we're going to be ready for this one. Why? Well, simply because for those Beliebers who've stuck around all this time, the love began at a very young age. A very young age. But since then, things.. ya know, changed

But oh yeah! His music! His music has changed, too - and while our "One Less Lonely Girl" days will never fade, we can't deny how much fun its been pretending to be a "Sorry" backup dancer, and a "Love Yourself" shower-singing-enthusiast. What with his recent collaborations with Diplo, Skrillex and Travi$ Scott along with his newly-persevering lyrics, his music has transformed, too. Which is why we know this tour is going to be lit unreal. But, this left us wondering - does this mean there won't be a "One Less Lonely Girl"?! And we know all about "Love Yourself", but did we forget about "Love Me"? We did some digging to make sure we could give you the ultimate J.BIEBS playlist, and we're pretty confident we didn't fail you. Starting with his opener, "Mark My Words", we put together a playlist of all the songs he'll be performing next week, and in that order. Your pregame and your drive to the Pepsi Center just got a whole lot better. (You're welcome.)