It's Time to "Go Red" and Love Your Heart!

Talking about our bodies is seldom a comfortable conversation. But, this week we have the opportunity to let our outfits do the talking all while reminding our fellow women that we love and support them and their bodily health!




This Friday is National Wear Red Day- a day dedicated to bringing awareness to the number one killer of women: heart disease. According to The American Heart Association, this deathly disease is decreasing in its magnitude with its death rates having decreased by 30% over the last decade. To keep knocking this disease down, we have to keep increasing awareness and helping raise donations that go towards research and disease combat.


If you have the ability to donate to helping your sisters out across the nation- GREAT! Head to to learn about how you can donate. If not, that is a-okay! Wearing a red ensemble this Friday, February 3rd, will help raise support nation-wide.


To keep our hearts full of love, strength, and health on more than just this one day a year, we can start thinking about our cardiovascular healthy by exercising more, snacking on fruits and veggies more often than not, and stay away (or kick) habits like drinking booze in excess and smoking.


Go forth and love your heart and your sisters nationwide! 

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