Innisfree Intense Hydrating Welcome Kit

It's officially Week 8 and it's hitting me and my skin hard. It’s been feeling almost papery dry, which is new for me. I guess my foray into the tropics may have spoiled me, my skin has been breaking out since Fiji last fall. It may have had to do with the terrible illness I succumbed to when I returned from abroad, but we’re not talking about that.

Lately, though, my face hasn’t been breaking out as much, so I took a step back and kind of let it breathe. I’d been using a lot of charcoal and bentonite clay, so I just left it to recover. The wonderful thing about fluctuating snowfall is the dryness in the air that accompanies it. And I will admit, I treat my skin as a bit invincible sometimes, even though it’s not. This usually results in me forgetting to moisturize – shameful, I know.

I’d been feeling bland until I came across the Innisfree Green Tea Welcome Kit. It’s got a My Real Squeeze [green tea] sheet mask, and samples of their leading Intensive Hydrating with green tea seed line products: serum, eye cream, and hydrating cream. I did the mask one day, and left it to absorb into my skin and overnight my face was already feeling a bit better. I didn’t go off the look of my skin this time around since I’ve been having a hard time sleeping (and it shows), but my face felt softer to the touch and didn’t feel as paper dry. A couple days later when it felt like I needed to do something again, I tried the rest of the line samples.

Sharks, let me tell ya: it felt excessive to put three different hydrating things on my skin at the moment, but boy howdy it felt so much better a couple hours later. My lips didn’t even get as chapped as usual, and I can only attribute it to this since I had left my lip balm at home. My face was so soft, and the dry, cold air didn’t even phase me. This little pack came perfectly in time for the cold months, I just wish I’d had it sooner!

You can't tell, but the intensive hydrating formula made my skin so soft!

There’s currently a sale on their website for 20% off certain products, and you can get an additional 10% off with the code: HerCampus10 valid through April 30th for new customers.