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IGNITE U of Denver: Empowering Women on Campus

Name: Maya Anthony

Major(s): Public Policy and Socio-legal Studies

Year(s) in School: Sophomore

Position in Organization: Co-founder

What is IGNITE?

[IGNITE is] part of a nationwide organization which is supposed to empower women in politics and civic engagement and creates community network for engagement through internships.

What issues are especially important to its platform?

With the group that we have, [they are] interested in advocacy through policy. So some of the overarching questions we are working on are:

  1. Income: Salaries and the wage gap
  2. Health: Access to health care and paid maternity leave
  3. Environmental: Sexual assault, gender roles, and women who are considered assertive and aren’t elected because of those traits that apply to gender roles.

Why is it especially important to have clubs such as IGNITE on campus?

There is a gap even in our own campus, you see the lawsuit DU is facing with the women in the DU law school [they] average 165,000 dollars less. Especially in our political climate right now. And people on campus who want to be involved and don’t know how; we want to be a bridge.

When are your meeting days/times?

Biweekly, 6:00 PM in Library Loft Rm #340. Join us on Thursday, May 17h at 7:00pm for a showing of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary at Alamo Draft House. Anyone can join!

How can people contact you?

Facebook: University of Denver IGNITE

Instagram: @igniteuofdenver

Email: igniteuofdenver@gmail.com

Claire graduated with a business degree in hospitality management from the University of Denver in 2019. She was a Her Campus DU Contributor from 2015-2017 and led as Co-Campus Correspondent from 2017-2019. Her favorite hobbies include drinking coffee, writing, tweeting, and attempting to learn Mandarin.
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