How to Snack Healthy While You Study

Because finals and hours of studying are aproaching in our final days, it can be difficult to snack healthy. With the added stress of finals it's easy to say "screw it" and eat whatever is around, be it the old candy in your backpack to the pre-packaged sandwhiches at the cafe. So here are some easy ideas to snack healthy while you study! If you're not so sure about eating healthy, think of it as a way to be able to snack the ENTIRE time you study- healthy food has way less calories and so you can consume way more food for the same or even less amount of calories! 

And *BONUS* most of them can be thrown in plastic baggies while you frantically drink your coffee in the morning! 

But always remember to ask yourself this question first...1. Almonds or Cashews- both nuts are great sources of protien and aren't too fatty like peanuts can be! 

2. Crasins (aka dried cranberries)- I LOVE these. Think of them as natures' fruit snack. 

3. Wheat thins- Face it, we all hate whole wheat, but these don't even taste like it, they're so much better than Ritz crackers. 

4. Carrots and celery with topping of your choice- My go to is light ranch, but you can use anything! Do classic peanut butter or hummus! Both are great added sources of protien. 

5. Apples and oranges (especially the little Cuties!)- fruit has so much natural sugar that it can be more effective than an energy drink! 

6. Granola and protien bars are ESSENTIAL to have stashed in your bookbag! Even if it isn't finals, these should be a go to, and you can be as healthy as you like, even if you want to cheat a little (I splurge and get the Quaker Oats ones for kids sometimes!) Regardless, most are still pretty good for you. 

7. Skinny Pop Popcorn- sometimes it's so tempting to pop that bag of popcorn and call it dinner but all the butter, salt, and who knows what else is so bad for you and can upset your stomach- so if you must endulge, opt for a better option like the the smart pop that is pretty cheap at Safeway just down the street! 

8. Gatorade- This isn't exactly snacking but it's good to have a bottle or two around for when drinking water just isn't cutting it. The added electrolytes will help perk you up and flush your system if you have been snacking not-so-healthy. 

9. La Croix or other flavored sparkling waters- I admittedly have a caffeine addiction and this comes from coffee, and of course soda. Switching to sparkling waters with no sugars added is a better alternative while studying wnen you need some bubbles to keep you going!  

10. Dark Chocolate- Sweet are an essential food group especially for your mental healthy. Switching milk chocolate for dark chocolate is a great alternative! Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidents and caffeine that can give you both a physical and mental boost! 

Happy Snacking and GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!