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How To Have Fun At A Party Without Drinking



In today’s culture, teenagers and college students often portray their idea of fun as going to parties with their friends. Pictures are posted with friends, crushes, and of course of that famous red solo cup. The symbol that the red solo cup represents has been ingrained in many since they could understand what partying is. Multiple college application advisers, or job search advisers even state that you shouldn’t post pictures with red solo cups in your hand, because it gives off the wrong idea.

Drinking at parties is something that is assumed to happen, but what if you don’t want to drink? Should you even go to the party? I am here to say, yes you should. There are many alternatives to drinking at parties that still allow you to have fun. I know it may seem awful and like there is pressure to drink, but something that my grandmother taught me is to fill a red solo cup, or small glass, with club soda and sip that the entire night; no one will know the difference. So grab your club soda and look at this list of things to do instead of drinking.

  1. Sit with friends and people watch. This is something that people often do in public. What you do is look around, find two or more people that are having an active conversation or doing something, and then make up the words that they are saying or a story to go along with their situation. This is a very entertaining way to keep yourself involved in the party.

  2. Just socialize. Walk around and talk to everyone. It will still be fun to hear how people are doing. Involve yourself in multiple conversations and make it a point to talk to new people.

  3. Play any of the games that others are playing, and if it involves drinking just use your club soda or non-alcoholic beverage.

  4. (Depending on the party size) Break out the board or card games. As lame as this may seem if you add a few rules (owner’s choice) to the games to make them more challenging it becomes a lot of fun. Everyone gets really competitive.

  5. (Again, depending on the party size) Play mario kart, or other video games against your friends. Drinking or not, these games are always a blast and a perfect way for you to stay involved with everyone.

  6. Bring snacks: everyone will love it, and it becomes more fun for everyone to just eat together. Besides who doesn’t love food?

These are just a few ways to have fun, and I hope they help you! Remember it’s always okay to not drink, and you can still have fun at parties without doing so.

Hello! My name is Bree, and I absolutely love any form of internal expression through art; whether it's writing, music, or art pieces. I am a huge science nerd, I love to read and have a collection of over 200 books. Makeup is another of my favorite things, along with music of any kind. I am so excited to be a part of this club and embrace the strength of women and writing. I am getting a BS in Biology (Pre-Med) and a BSBA in Marketing, as well as a double minor in music and chemistry. I would like to gain a new meaning of feminism and strength in my identity as a woman from this club, and learn to write better.
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