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Because I only shower as infrequently as two weeks apart, I need a hair care routine that gives my hair life and makes it not look like a tangled mess. There are many ways to do this. I often use leave in conditioners (by just dampening parts of my hair), hair oils, hair serums, mists, and dry shampoo. These are a fair amount of products and options, but everyone’s hair is different and needs different care and treatment. You should mix and match to figure out what is best for your hair. My hair is thin, tangles very easy, and is so dry, even with the little showering; for this reason it needs a lot of moisture and treatments to give it life.

This is my everyday hair care routine that keeps my hair looking clean and soft. I take dry shampoo and spray it all over the roots of my hair, as well as on parts that may get more oily or lack volume. I then take hair oil, pour a little into my hands, disperse it on my fingers evenly, flip my hair upside down, and run my fingers through my hair until I have rubbed the oil all over my hair. My final product used is a moisturizing spray. I spritz it all around my hair, especially on the tips of my hair, where it’s the driest. I let all the products sit in my hair and work their magic for a few minutes, before brushing everything.

This is relatively simple, and works for my hair type, but for those with thicker hair that is dry, like my sister, hair masks that soak in over a long amount of time give her the moisture that her hair needs. This is something that should be done once a week to achieve soft hair, along with dry shampoo to keep hair managed, and not too oily look.

For those with softer hair, or oily hair, dry shampoo and a texturizing spray will give your hair volume and keep it looking nice.

The products that I use to keep my hair in the state that it is, includes Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo. This shampoo smells amazing, and sprays on evenly. It texturizes hair, and allows me to add some volume to my usually very flat hair. On top of all of that, it also removes the oily look from my hair, which is extremely important since I shower so infrequently. This wonderful hair product can be purchased at Ulta Beauty for $19.99.

The moisturizing spray I use, is Bed Head Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray. I do have to say this spray doesn’t really detangle my hair at all, which sucks if that’s what you want it for, but I use it for the moisture it gives my hair. The smell is really nice, and people often ask what I’m using in my hair when I spray it in. It also gives my hair so much moisture! A couple spritz of this, and my hair feels so much softer and not like the brittle stray that it usually does. I would highly recommend this spray for moisturizing (not detangling), and it’s also sold at Ulta Beauty for $19.00.

The hair oil I use is Neon and Co Treatment Oil. This stuff works wonders on dry hair. It doesn’t make hair look oily, or unclean, but it gives hair such a nice moisturizing treatment, and it smells good. As you can see here, there is a common trend. Every hair product that I have chosen smells awesome, which can also offset the showering aspect. This oil is truly wonderful though, and isn’t too messy to use. It deserves a 10/10. This oil isn’t as readily available as the other products, but you can get it at Neon and Co. com for $25.00.

These products are what make up my hair care routine, and allow me to not shower for weeks at a time, because hair care is just as important as skin care.

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