How to Eat Your Way Through Finals

It’s that time of the quarter again at DU…exam time. With finals quickly sneaking up on us next Friday, its time to hunker down in the libs and brace ourselves for long, sleepless nights. To help all of you studious ladies out there survive the next two weeks of hell, here is the ~ultimate timeline~ to feeding yourselves during these trying times leading up to exams.

1. Run to the C-Store to stock up on all of your snack and caffeine needs before you go to the library for the long haul.

Who knew that those little Frappuccino bottles and Rockstars could keep you going for 10 hours straight?

2. Study for 2 hours and immediately decide that snacks were just not cutting it despite having eaten practically half of the C-Store and calling in Jimmy Johns for backup.

3. Devouring your Jimmy Johns and then proceeding to study until the wee hours of the night knowing perfectly well that your exam is coming in less than 24 hours and you are still screwed.

So you decide that it is time for Blackjacks since there’s no point pretending to be healthy anymore.

4. Snapping back when people are staring at you for shamelessly eating half of Denver at 2am in your private study room.

5. Finally seeing the sun come up at 7am and heading back to your bed to power-nap off everything you ate that night and the stress of your exam that is coming up in 2 hours.

6. Knowing perfectly well that you are going to do it all over again the next night in preparation for your next exam…

For more about how to eat your way through exams, check out these very relevent C-Store hacks from the Spoon University chapter at DU!