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How to Deal with Spring Fever

Spring Fever is starting to break out as the weather gets nicer. This past weekend was extremely annoying for me because it was incredibly nice out, in the mid-70s, and I had a bunch of homework to do. I was just irritated that I couldn’t sit outside and do my homework there – stupid computer screens. My homework got done at an incredibly slow pace, as I was easily distracted. I need a better game plan for dealing with Spring Fever, so these are some steps I’m going to work on taking.

1. Plan homework around the weather

I check the weather diligently. I commute to DU and have to be able to plan my outfits around the weather – I don’t want to be too cold or too hot. I also try to plan my homework around activities and classes. But, I’ve never joined these two things together. For this weekend, I’m going to the museum on Saturday because I have tickets to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, so homework must get done around that. Also, Friday through Saturday are going be nice, right around 70, so I’m planning major homework time for Thursday afternoon. Hopefully this will free up my time during the beautiful hours of the day on Friday and Sunday, so I can enjoy it.

2. Go outside even if I’m busy

I barely went outside this past weekend even though I really wanted to, so I’m not letting that happen again. Even if I have a lot of homework and studying, I’m going to make sure I get outside on every nice day. This way, when I have to hole-up for hours at a time, I won’t be so annoyed about the sunshine that I’m missing.

3. Focus, Focus, Focus

If I’m doing homework, I have a tendency to check Facebook a few times, look at my email, check on another assignment, sometimes anything to keep me from doing the task at hand. The worst part is, I know that I’m not very productive when I do that. If I work on my focus, then I’ll spend less time “doing homework” and will have more time to go outside and do fun things. This means keeping all extra tabs closed, putting my phone on Do Not Disturb, keeping the TV off, and putting all other assignments away and out of sight. Having my major distractions away will help me be focused.

I am a senior at the University of Denver double majoring in International Studies and History. I love to read, write, and knit. Being a part of HerCampus is great because I get to write about important and fun topics that have absolutely nothing to do with my coursework.
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