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1. What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

The purpose of IGNITE is to increase the political ambition, civic engagement, and leadership skills of its members in order to build the next generation of womxn leaders.

2. How does your organization support women?

We provide our members with opportunities to meet and network with womxn political leaders, practice leadership and civic engagement, and support young womxn to position themselves for candidacy. Members can also engage in statewide and national IGNITE activities and increase their knowledge of its members through IGNITE College Chapter activities.

3. What goals/values does your organization hold?

  • encourages young womxn to actively engage in the political process and assert and demonstrate their beliefs in the public arena.
  • encourages young womxn to advocate and lobby for issues they care about.
  • believes young womxn should actively listen to the perspectives of people they agree with and those they disagree with, in order to clarify their own beliefs.
  • values civil discourse as a means to understand others’ viewpoints, clarify personal positions, and advocate for issues they care about.
  • believes our democracy will be stronger when the United States reaches political parity with equal numbers of womxn in office across all political parties.

4.What is the best part(s) about your student org?

We love creating a space to share and learn, meet new peers and mentors, and find common ground. Additionally, our chapter does a good job connecting students to internships and career-building opportunities by engaging students with lots of professionals such as elected officials, candidates, policy advocates, and community leaders.

5. When does your organization typically meet? How would an interested member go about applying to the org?

Our events change every quarter. In past quarters, we had biweekly meetings for our members. This quarter, though, we’re starting off with a panel discussion on health on Saturday, January 18th. Leadership meets every week to organize these meetings and events, and we are always looking for people interested in taking on a leadership position.

6. What are the main events your organization holds during the school year?        

We have panel discussions, speakers, and movie showings that we host on campus. The national/regional IGNITE hosts legislative training and more at the capital, and this year that will be on February 1st. Every year there is a Young Women Run Conference, which we hosted at DU in 2019.

7. Any other information you would like to include that we did not cover?

We would like to encourage all women, men, and gender-queer students to know they are welcome at all our events/meetings and that everyone plays a crucial role in the mission and movement of IGNITE at the University of Denver.

We use Instagram, email, and Facebook to keep our members up to date on events and meetings as well as other important information.

Additionally, we are partnering with Colorado State Representative Brianna Titone on a bill that would create a grant for public K-12 schools to provide menstrual products free of charge. If you are interested in advocating or testifying for this bill, please follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to learn how to get involved!

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