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HCDU Women Org Highlight x Collegiate Council on Gender Violence Topics

1. What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

The Collegiate Council on Gender Violence Topics (CCGVT) works to end gender-violence at the University of Denver and support survivors through education, community-building, and advocacy..

2. How does your organization support women?

Our organization advocates for all survivors regardless of identity. But we know that the majority of survivors of gender violence are women, so much of our work supports women at DU.

CCGVT members at Drag Against Humanity 2019

3.What goals/values does your organization hold?

We value empathy, community, and support. We listen to, believe, and support all survivors.

4. When does your organization typically meet? How would an interested member go about applying to the org?

CCGVT meets on Mondays at 6pm in SIE 2020! Interested members can send us an email, message us on Facebook, or come to a meeting.

Drag Against Humanity 2019

5. What are the main events your organization holds during the school year?

CCGVT helps to put on Love, Sex, and Health week in February and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in April. Some of our signature events include Sexual Health Trivia and Drag Against Humanity, a game(show) led by local drag queens!

6. Any other information you would like to include that we did not cover?

In addition to our regular events, we are always working to advocate for better practices and policies at DU to end gender-based violence. We can always use more people to help us in these efforts!

Check them out through the media below! 

* all answers provided by organization President Shannon Saul 

Email: [email protected] ~ Facebook

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