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HCDU Women Org Highlight x American Medical Women’s Association

1. What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

The mission of our organization is to advance women in medicine, advocate for equity in the medical field, and ensure excellence in health care.

2. How does your organization support women?

Our organization supports women by creating a healthier and more comfortable platform where female physicians achieve equity in the medical profession and realize their full potential.

AMWA Tabling

3. What goals/values does your organization hold?

Our values include integrity, equity, diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and mentorship among various female professionals in the medical field.

4. What is the best part(s) about your student org?

Our vice president of operations, Caitlin, says the best part about our org is seeing the collaboration and inclusion among female students aspiring to practice in medicine. Angela, our AMWA president, adds that through AMWA not only are we as an organization able to help each other thrive in our pre-health undergrad years, we’ve also been able to do more service-focused meetings to raise awareness about certain healthcare issues.

5. When does your organization typically meet? How would an interested member go about applying to the org?

Our organization meets 3-4 times each quarter (about once a month). Anyone interested in attending our meetings or learning more about our organization can email us their name, preferred email address, major(s), and graduation year to [email protected].

AMWA Officers

6. What are the main events your organization holds during the school year?

Main events that our organization holds during the school year include a kick-off at the beginning of the year, a night of ‘Celebrating Women in Medicine,’ monthly themed meetings (i.e. domestic violence/sexual assault awareness, american heart disease awareness month, etc.). We’ll also host group volunteering opportunities, healthcare-focused trivia nights, and workshops. To celebrate the year and our graduating members, we host an end-of-the-year celebration.

Although AMWA is focused on encouraging women to pursue healthcare careers, we invite anyone interested in helping us in our goal even though they themselves may not be pre-health.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: amwa_du

Facebook Group: DU Branch of AMWA

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