HCDU Student Alliance Highlight x Asian Student Alliance

1. What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

The mission of the Asian Student Alliance at the University of Denver (ASA DU) is to provide a support group for each Asian American student on campus while addressing academic, political, and social issues through community events aimed at cultivating a stronger understanding between different groups, volunteering in the local community, and networking on campus. While we are Asian interest, we are not Asian exclusive. ASA will also work in collaboration with all other student organizations and affinity groups to promote and educate the community about inclusive excellence.

Collaboration with the LatinX Student Alliance for one of our weekly meetings where we discussed the topic of DACA

2. What goals/values does your student alliance have? Are there certain messages that you would like to promote on campus related to the alliance identity?

The main idea that we strive to create on campus is a sense of community. We want people to see ASA as a safe space where they can come as they are and find others who share the same experiences they do as an Asian American.

3. What is the best part of being a part of your student alliance?

"I absolutely love being a part of ASA and what this organization represents. I personally found my own community through ASA and I love being able to support and represent Asian American culture throughout campus." -Alyanna Ferrer, President of ASA

A performance of a Chinese lion dance at the Lunar New Years event last year.

4. When does your student alliance typically meet?

ASA meets every Wednesday at 6:30PM to discuss and shed light on different problems or successes in the Asian American community.

5. What big events does your student alliance host throughout the school year?

During Winter Quarter we try to have one big event to celebrate Lunar New Year and another big event that surrounds Asian traditions during the wintertime. For example, last year we held a tea party where students were able to go around each booth to learn about the different types of teas and try them! Through this, people were able to learn and try the different types of teas while still being interactive with the event. During Spring Quarter, we hold our two biggest events of the year - Taste of Asia and eXpressions! Taste of Asia is when we bring in entrees from multiple different countries in Asia to allow students to sample each dish. The main idea of eXpressions is to allow students to showcase their talents and express themselves to break oppression.

Tea Party 2019

6. For those interested in joining your student alliance, what should they do?

The Asian Student Alliance is open to ANYONE that would like to know more about the Asian-American culture or wanting to support our organization! If you are interested in joining ASA please email us at [email protected] to join our weekly emails and get information on when our weekly meetings are!

Follow ASA on Instagram - @du.asa

*Bonus question*

Event are you most proud of? We are definitely most proud of our Taste of Asia and eXpressions events!