HCDU Attends Her Conference: Inspire

This past weekend, HCDU's Events Director and myself (Campus Correspondent) had the amazing privilege of being able to attend Her Conference: InspireWhat exactly does this even mean? Well, Her Conference is an entire day filled with "speakers, gifting, brand experiences, and programming built for ladies to launch themselves to the top." Basically, it's the ultimate networking conference for 20-something women with aspirations to make it in the world of business, journalism, and social media influencing. On top of that, you get free swag from amazing brands! Since there were so many amazing moments, I'll talk about a few key highlights for myself. 

  1. 1. Jessica Alba is a real human

    Yes, you read correctly. The one and only Jessica Alba visited us in LA to give some great advice not only about business and making it as a woman in a man dominated field, but also reminded us about self care and staying true to yourself no matter how much rejection you receive. We are amazed by how much she's accomplished with The Honest Company from safe products to also transitioning the board members to being over 50% women!!! But, the best part was seeing how much of a real woman she is just like us. 

  2. 2. The goodie bags

    As usual, going to an event with a day full of speakers also means there will be some free swag from the company sponsors. We were blessed to receive some great products from Honest, Mary Kay, Bumble, GrubHub, and so many more! We also received free freshly printed crop top t-shirts by XOXO and a personalized make-up palette from Mary Kay to remember this day forever! 

  3. 3. Panels throughout the day

    It would be super hard to talk about all of the women we were blessed to listen to. Even though each panel was different, they all gave us such useful advice and some real laughs. Aside from the main speakers, some powerful women influencers and entrepreneurs composed of the other panels that touched on topics ranging from business to being a lifestyle blogger. 

  4. 4. The photo ops

    As an Instagram fanatic, I was super pumped about the photo ops at the conference. Overall, the entire aesthetic was real cute! (check out HCDU's highlight of Her Conference on our Insta) There were about six different areas to pose for the gram, and they all made me feel confident and beautiful, which is all a girl can ask for in LA! 

Overall, this year's conference was fabulous and celebrated 10 years since Her Campus magazine first launched! We hope to see more of our members there next year, and maybe some other fellow business ladies interested in building their network!