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Hazy Denver Days

Welcome back Pios! Seems like just yesterday we were on our way to summer break! Move in week was rough as we lugged our suitcases up stairs and through doorways but here’s something that amidst all that stress you probably missed. You weren’t able to see the majestic front range out your western facing window! You could barely see down I—25 due to a thick haze. At first it seemed to be smoke of some kind, but after a few days of haze it was clear something was up. Thousands of wildfires have been raging across the western front, from Northern California and Oregon to Montana and everywhere in-between. Thick smoke, dust and haze has been moving around the region causing stomach aches and headaches, as well as other health concerns according to The Denver Post. Eventually the haze disappeared, but unfortunately the fires haven’t stopped despite the summer ending. Parts of Colorado are burning as well, forcing residents to stay indoors in multiple regions. It is super easy when you are in college to get sucked into a DU bubble and never notice what is going around in the surrounding area, however, natural hazards outside of snow and heat do exist and cause major issues. Staying informed on the local weather is not only smart, but also the safest way to avoid injury or accidents when venturing off campus. For more information tune into location news outlets as well as the Front Range Air Quality Forecast & Colorado Smoke Outlook. 


I'm from Westchester, New York and am a junior at the University of Denver. Currently I'm a media studies major and a double minor in fine arts and communications. When I'm not busy writing papers, avoiding math or at a sorority event I can be found in the mountains or watching movies. One day I will probably be making indie films and hanging out on the ski slopes. My Pro Tip: Do what you love, love what you do.    
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