The Hair Care Revolution You Need to Join ASAP

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The hair and skin care industry is worth billions of dollars and growing on a daily basis. You can probably name the brands popularized by Korean skin care trends or the products celebrities endorse. But, which brands can you really trust? Can you name one brand that is vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified, and genuinely all-natural without harsh chemical products? Now, if your products do meet all these criteria, do they actually show results? If nothing comes to mind, look at the #monatbeforeandafter on Instagram. It has thousands of before-and-after photos getting posted from people glowing with newfound confidence.

Monat is shorthand for Modern Nature. A family owned company based in Miami, Florida (shoutout to my CSI: Miami fans and haters alike), Monat strives to provide anti-aging hair and skin care products that are not only naturally based, cruelty-free, and vegan but impact the world as well. Through their gratitude programs, they give back to a variety of non-profit organizations year-round. Charity is a fundamental core to their business model. Instead of spending money on advertisements and marketing, Monat employees independent contractors to work for them as Market Partners. They receive unrivaled compensation plans–and it may include a possible Cadillac acquirement.

With this list, find the Monat product that will work best with your hair care needs!


    They are basically everyone’s mortal enemy, or at least for your hair they are­—yikes! Living in a dry climate like Colorado, your hair dries out faster than you can say hair masque, please. But what if I told you there’s a product you don’t have to soak in your hair for at least five minutes? Try this split-end mender, Rejuvabeads™, a yummy-smelling cream with mild hints of fresh citrus that you can apply to your split ends directly! Hair can be either damp or dry (although wetness definitely helps the product really work!) making it a simple addition to your hair care routine without having to spend more time in the shower.

    Benefits: Eliminates breakage and frizz, decreases friction, increases shine, improves natural color

    Key ingredients: Rejuveniqe™, Linseed, and Chia seed extract


    The scientists working for Monat have created a proprietary blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils that are rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and other nutrients highly compatible with the skin and hair. They call it Rejuveniqe™. It’s a wonderful blend that mimics your hair and skin’s natural oils instead of letting them get washed off in the shower or making them scream underneath product build up. Everyday hair products have harsh chemicals, and these may include: parabens, harsh salt systems, harmful colors, harmful fragrances, sulfates, DEA/MEA, PEG, and phthalates. That list right there is Monat’s NO list. Absolutely none of their products have any of these harmful chemicals.

    Rejuveniqe™ is in all the products Monat produces—although you could buy it separately and use that liquid gold for so many things (like facial moisturizer, anti-frizz, and the list goes on). Because of this, almost all their products promote growth with natural ingredients that penetrate the hair cortex and heal damaged hair. But here are a few routes targeting growth specifically.

  3. 3. Renew shampoo

    This shampoo hydrates and moisturizes the scalp, helping to boost your natural hair growth while also improving your follicle strength. This shampoo fights hair-thinning and will support restoration of your hair’s youthful vitality. You can use it on colored and/or chemically treated hair and extensions as well!

    Key ingredients: Rejuveniqe™, Capixyl™ (reduces inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair, stimulates natural growth), Procataline™ (maintains healthy levels of antioxidants in follicles, combats premature thinning, protects color and shine), Crodasorb™ (absorbs UV and protects hair from sun damage) Linseed, and Chia seed extract

  4. 4. Intense Repair Conditioner (IRC)

    This conditioner shares many key ingredients with the Renew Shampoo, so it is also wonderful for stimulating hair growth while fighting against the aging of hair- thinning! Rich in both Capixyl™ and Rejuveniqe™, the ITC provides intense conditioning and protection to the scalp for ultimate health.

    Key ingredients: Procataline™, Capixyl™, Rejuveniqe™, Crodasorb™, wavemax, peppermint oil, rosemary oil

  5. 5. Intense Repair Treatment - Spray

    Unlike the other two products previously mentioned, there is only one key ingredient here, and that is Capixyl™. This all-natural formula made by Monat helps reduce inflammation while also strengthening and thickening hair. It also stimulates natural growth! This formula is an intense blend of Red Clover Flower Extract, essential vitamins and active nutrients that help counteract formation of DHT and factors contributed to hair thinning. It is also safe to use on colored and/or chemically treated hair and extensions.


    We all love those moments in movies when someone’s hair catches on fire or someone uses their can of hairspray to innovate a blowtorch. But, do we really step back and think about how we use these products and put our hair in danger of combusting? It’s not likely, but you never know. That’s why I absolutely love using Monat Studio One styling products. For those scared of fire, they have hair cream that works as a thermal protectant and a dry shampoo and hairspray that will never catch on fire on you. I mean, you never know—look at the YouTube below!

  7. 7. Monat Studio One The Champ™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo

    A waterless shampoo that absorbs oils, dirt and impurities in between washes, refreshes hair and leaves hair looking and feeling so clean.

    Key ingredients: Rejuveniqe™, Agrana rice starch (creates less whitening and better overall coverage for the hair), organic sugar cane alcohol (assists in quick-drying and provides shine without over-drying)

  8. 8. Monat Studio One™ Strong Flexi-Hold Hairspray

    This hairspray keeps color from fading, enhances shine, and prevents frizz and fly-aways. Even better, this hairspray uses a non-greasy, on-sticky, non-tacky formula that doesn’t build-up, flake, or weigh down hair.

    Key ingredients: Rejuveniqe™, Capixyl™, Procataline™, Crodasorb™

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