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Grant Knorr-The Notorious Lumberjack Returns

Hey ladies, guess who is back in the social media scene? For those of you who were around DU last year during Delta Zeta’s Big Man On Campus, you will remember this lovely gentleman as the Pi Kapp Lumberjack, and for those of you who are knew to campus this year, meet this week’s campus cutie Grant Knorr. This notorious Pi Kappa Phi is back and ready to rock Halloween again, and this year he’s single! Grant is from Colorado Springs and an accounting major. I loved getting to sit down with this campus cutie and ask him about different aspects of his life.

Her Campus-What is your dream job?

Grant Knorr- I know I’m an accounting major, but I really would love to be the CFO of a fashion house…Because you know, I like fashion.


HC- What is your number one turn up song?

GK- So I actually kind of like metal, so my favorite song is All in Due Time by Killswitch Engage.


HC-What’s your go to Netflix show?



HC- Man buns or beards?

GK- Both! I mean I obviously have a killer beard and I want a man bun but every time I try to grow my hair out I get frustrated and cut it off. But seriously, you can’t have a man bun without a beard.


HC-Tea or coffee? What’s your order?

GK- Coffee all the way, sometimes black, sometimes with cream and sugar, it just depends.


HC-World Domination or World Peace?

GK- *laughing* World Domination


HC- What do you like to do in your free time?

GK- Well I play intramural soccer and intramural volleyball. I like to work out and go to the gym too (ladies the treadmills on the “viewing deck” in the Coors Center are always open ;)). Oh and I ski and snowboard too!


HC-What is a fun fact about you that not many people know?

GK-Well my dad was in the military so I’ve lived in Germany, Washington State, Georgia, Maryland, and Colorado, obviously, throughout my life.


HC-What are you planning to return as this Halloween?

GK- I thought about being a lumberjack again, because it’s easy, but I feel like I can’t be the same thing again. You should give me ideas!

HC-At this point, I suggested a Starbucks barista! After all he does have the killer man beard and a good taste in coffee, it only seems fitting right!?


HC- Any clues as to where the ladies can find you on October 31?

GK-Well I’d imagine I’ll be at house parties around campus. I might go to a concert, I don’t really know yet.


HC-What is your favorite part of being on the DU Spirit Team?

GK-Driving the golf cart! And I like appropriately harassing people to go to events, especially the hockey campout! 


Molly is from Salina, Kansas and is a second year at the University of Denver. She is currently an International Studies and French major. When Molly isn't writing for HC, she is working as a swim instructor for a private company teaching little kiddos! If she's not working she loves hanging out at Kaladi Brothers Coffee, or thrifting at local thrift shops. Molly is involved in humanitarian organizations and the french club on campus! Molly's motto is, "Follow your arrow no matter where it points". 
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