For the Fella's: What to Get Your Girl for Valentine's Day

This one is for the guys (ladies forward on)—Guys, don’t be lame and cliché this Valentine’s Day! Instead, here are some quick last minute yet still great ideas!

If you insist on taking her out avoid the typical restaurant for dinner then a movie… everything is packed on Valentine’s Day and no one likes shouting over the dinner table. Instead trying giving her date coupons for the future! Plan out 2-3 dates including the restaurant, the activity, and maybe dessert or a favor once you return home like a massage! She will appreciate the effort and you get to avoid the chaos of the holiday while still celebrating.

If you do go out on the actual date (props to you) try something untraditional like an action date, go to an escape room, or go karting! Pick something out of the ordinary where you can spend time together but not get caught up in the logistics of the holiday, make it about spending time together!

If you’re just looking for last minute gift ideas, don’t turn to chocolates, flowers, or stuffed animals… We girls get that stuff all the time, we like a little originality! These ideas are fast, unique, and reasonably priced!

Try a massage or nail certificate from her favorite salon! This is easy to stick in a card and means way more than money. It sends the subliminal message that you want to pamper her!

A new stationary set and fountain pen are also a great go to! You can find things like this at places like Target, Michaels, or Nordstrom among many more!

If you want to take it a step further, go for bath bombs and a face mask from Lush or another cosmetics store! A little at home pampering could easily be paired with a coupon for you to make dinner for the two of you and then let her relax in a bath afterwards! I’ll leave the steamy aftermath details to your imagination…

And last but not least, if you’re really in a pinch, blindfold her and put her in your car. Go get her favorite guilty pleasure food, whether it’s McDonalds or Taco Bell or anything in between, then head over to her favorite store and turn her lose! Tell her to go find something she likes and that it’s on you. Fella’s YOU MUST TRUST YOUR GIRL for this one not to be a train wreck!! 


xoxo HC DU