A Fashion Vlogger From Connecticut

Hello readers, need to give your mind a break? Well, one of my favorite past times is watching a vlogger local to New Britain, Connecticut: Deshawn. 

  • snapchat: xrockunicornx
  • IG: slayyy_deshawn 

Deshawn Lewis Torres

Future Goals

"I hope to be on Broadway but lets save that for later and go to college first lol so for now, soon I will be going to community college soon and pursuing my dreams by going into a major for musical theater."

3 fun facts

  •    1. I was my mom's birthday present!! (November, 19th) 
  •    2. I love all the food I used to hate as a child, don't know if that's happened to anybody else lol.
  •    3. I know 95% of lines from Mean Girls and Hairspray

Inspiration for VLOGS

"... honestly just the flow of life, that's what makes everything so exciting, the unexpectedness of life. So basically I'm saying I make videos about random subjects lol just kidding my videos really aim to be funny and spread love to people. Somebody could be having a bad day and one of my videos could brighten their day so much so that's what mainly inspires me to put myself out there through vlogging..."

Favorite Makeup Products

"I LOVE the makeup revolution brand. They are so affordable, yet so pigmented when it comes to the products, especially the eyeshadow palettes. I adore Anastasia Beverly hills highlights, like the new Nicole Guirerro glow kit; and the sweet peach eyeshadow palette by Too faced because there's such a range of different colors like warm colors, cool colors, etc. but when it comes to the price of those brands, let's just say im gonna have to upgrade from working at McDonalds because my paychecks will last about 2 days lol."

Fun Free Time

"I love watching my favorite show: Rupaul's Drag Race, especially now that the new season is out I am extremely excited and I suggest everyone watch that show! Another thing I love is music; it just soothes my soul and no matter what mood I'm in when the earphones come on, the world stops and mine just starts. My singing, dancing, acting, my facial expressions; I instantly become just an artist once I hear music."

Spirit Animal

"...honestly the crying Kim Kardashian meme because I am an emotional crybaby, haha, sometimes I cry over food or literally just for nothing, it's insane; and I also have a really ugly sad and crying face so me and the crying Kim K meme just instantly click."

Favorite Places to Shop

"My number 1 place to go shopping would definitely have to be Forever 21 because in my opinion, I feel that forever 21 has clothing items that no other store has. Whenever I wear something from forever 21 people always ask me where got my clothes from and I always tell them forever 21. And I rarely ever see anybody wearing the same thing as besides a few people but that's a huge plus. I also absolutely adore Urban outfitters but I wish their prices were a bit more affordable. I can go to the thrift shop and get so many vintage items but at UO I'd spend $80 or more on a shirt and a hat which is kinda ridiculous but their clothes are super amazing! There's also other hippie stores around which I love, any hippie stores I find, I will absolutely love to be honest lol."

How is the Aesthetic Achieved?

"I am very OCD when it comes to the color combination of my clothes and i feel like im such a perfectionist naturally that its so normal to me to feel like i absolutely NEED to wear matching colors. But with that i mix the vintage styles of the late 80's, early 90's with some modern flare to it and i just ultimately make the outfit my own. you wear the outfit, don't let the outfit wear you. I also have a very good eye for photography and i take a lot of pictures lol and i love to just edit it to look like an old picture and i just love it I just wish i was born in an earlier generation because my fashion is based a lot on vintage but ultimately i just carry myself with confidence and it may be hard for people to do that but just know that no matter what you will always slay. that's what i tell myself. slay on queen, slay on."

What the People Should Know

"I just want people to know that in life you have to take risks. I used to want to be in the medical field and now I'm going to be doing musical theater which is a complete 360. I just realized that I just didn't believe in myself enough, so I took the more stable way which was nursing. I love the medical field, but I love performing even more. So, I took that risk and now I know it was the right choice because these are the happiest times of my life and it's just beginning. I never thought I would be where I am right now, but I just followed my dreams and that's exactly what each and every one of you have to do. Find your happiness and never give up."

"Spread Love, Not War"