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Extra Spooky: Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Parents

Congrats! You did it! Your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or significant other already likes you. Maybe they even love you. Good job, but now it’s time to meet their parents. Dun dun dunnnn. It’s a big task, and frankly, an important and big step in any relationship; however, your self-appointed relationship expert is here to help you get through it with flying colors.

Where to do it? Maybe you are hanging out at his or her place and the parents just happen to be home. That’s perfect. It is super casual and easy to have a conversation. Personally, I am going to dinner and a play at our school this weekend with him and his mom. This is a very different and outlandish way to meet the parents, but hey, that’s how I roll. This comes with a lot of unknowns, such as what type of food you will have to eat, whether it will be messy, and many others. You should offer to pay, for at least your meal and make sure you engage in the conversation. It’s also good to go out because there will naturally be less PDA. You do not want to seem repulsed by the parents’ son or daughter, but you can’t be all over them either. In my case, going to the play is good because it is a good topic of conversation. Plus, it’s an activity that takes up time, but it doesn’t even allow talking during the show, which can help in case of any potential awkwardness.

What to talk about? For this, I have 2 main tips. 1. Ask questions. Nothing too invasive or personal, but people love to talk about themselves. So, if you ask questions, they know that you are interested. Plus, you will probably learn more embarrassing or funny stories about your boo. 2. Talk about yourself. Don’t do it too much, but remember that they want to know who their son or daughter is spending all their time with. On another note, if you are at their home, compliment them on it, the more specific the better, because it makes them know you really mean it. That lends itself to something else: compliment his or her parents! If you are stuck with nothing to talk about, say something like “I love your earrings” regardless of whether or not you mean it. Nothing left to compliment? Compliment their kid! You, obviously, think they are pretty great. Lastly, it is a good idea to stay away from politics, religion, drunk stories, or anything controversial, at least for the first meeting.

What to wear? Obviously, dress for the occasion. For example, if you’re just hanging out, dress normally, but don’t be a slob and do not wear his sweatshirt that you stole. For me, I’m going to dinner and a play, so I’m going to dress up a little, but I still want my personality to shine through. On that note, it is most important to be yourself, but do not be too revealing. Dress like you would for your own parents, or grandparents to be sure. Also, wear sensible shoes. Always wear sensible shoes.

Now, I gave you all the tools. Don’t screw this up. And good luck. You’re gonna kill it!

Hi I'm Cami Chaikin. I am an undergrad theatre major at the University of Denver. I love fashion, animals, being outside, and theatre. 
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