End of College Bucket List

For many of us at DU, the start of Week 8 means one thing: ONLY ONE MORE MONTH OF COLLEGE! It is an amazing feeling and a terrifying feeling... the "real world" is just around the corner. With college coming to a close and the looming potential of 9-to-5 jobs and student loans ahead, we are taking a step back and have made an "End of College Bucket List" to focus on to make sure we end our time at DU in the best way possible. 

Create a boozy bev that describes your college experience.
Have a romantic moment at your favorite campus spot- the fields at Ritchie? The lily ponds by the Sie Center? 
Do a bar crawl of DU's bars in one night as one final hoorah.
Take advantage of the free gym while we still can. 
Watch the sunrise from any of DU's beautiful lawns.
Leave your mark with a club, an art piece, a mentorship– anything. 
Spend time with nature. Many of us may leave Colorado after our time as DU. Soak up as much sun, mountains, hiking, and camping as possible!

We may be leaving DU, but we will always be Pios. Take advantage of your last few weeks on our bad ass campus in this incredible state. We'll be missing it soon!