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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tailgating

Lacrosse season is upon us, Pios, and you know what that means: break out your sunglasses and solo cups, ‘cause it’s also tailgaiting season. With a few home games already under our belts, our favorite weekends of cold drinks, country music and DU lax shirts have become routine for some students. However, there always seems to be those who have never experienced the parked cars and partying, and it’s evident in their tailgaiting etiquette. If it’s your first rodeo, or maybe if you’re even a veteran making some rookie mistakes, we’ve got you covered (you’re welcome). Here are some big do’s and don’ts of tailgaiting that you can keep in mind as you enjoy the last home game of the season! 


Do: Dance. I know most people don’t get down at tailgates, but honestly there’s music, so why not? Dougie, bernie, stanky leg it up. You’ve never really experienced a tailgate until you find yourself hitting that whip on some guy’s truck.


Don’t: Drink too much. Remember guys, this is an outdoor tailgate at noon, not a bar at midnight, so watch your alcohol intake. Nobody wants to see you falling off that truck you’re dancing on. 


Do: Get decked out in your DU swag. Throw on a Denver hat or shirt, a pair of pants, and some Converse and show some pride for our school and our kick-a** lacrosse team. 


Don’t: Be disrespectful. We’ve had incidents of students throwing things at the other team and officials and getting kicked out, and we don’t want that image for DU. We want to represent ourself and the team the best that we can, so try to keep the rowdiness in check. 


Do: Stay for the actual game. I know the tailgaiting is fun, but stay to actually support the team. You can grab some food, sit in the student section with your friends, and enjoy some good ‘ol lax. 


Don’t: Forget to take pictures! We all love seeing our Pio Pride, and the best moments are always picture-worthy. Grab some ladies, grab some bros, or grab Boone and smile away, Pios! 



My name is Ellie Fazzi and I'm a first year Media Studies major with a minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. My favorite things include writing, singing, and hockey...oh and I love food...so by default, I love the gym. xoxo
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