DJ Bohdi Cooper

Her Campus got up close and personal with one of the most popular music fanatics here at DU, Bohdi Cooper. You have likely seen him DJing at South Philly's or C&G and danced to his sick beats with your BFFS. As a sophomore in Zeta Beta Tau, he spends a lot of time updating his SoundCloud and thinking of new mixes to play at his gigs. We could not be happier to feature him as this week's Campus Celebrity.

Her Campus: What type of music did you listen to when you were growing up?

Bohdi Cooper: I guess that depends on when. I think the first song I heard and danced to was "I Like to Move It" in Afria when I was two. Once I started looking for music I liked, Eminem was a huge influence on me. He was probably the defining piece of music that I listened to growing up. I listened to Pop in high school, but that was pretty boring.

HC: Why do you say Pop music is boring?

BC: Alright, it's not boring in general, but if you exclusively listen to Pop, it gets boring. Don't get me wrong, Pop is great. I f***ing love T-Swift. Speaking of which, Kendrick Lamar spit verses on her Bad Blood song.

HC: Her Campus DU died when that was released.

BC: So good, so so good. I was confused why no one was making a big deal about it on the internet.

HC: Who are your role models/favorite DJs?

BC: I hate saying this because I feel like a bandwagon fan, but my favorite is Skrillex. He is a huge influence on me and someone I admire very much. He has his own sound while always looking for new music. Skrillex is active on SoundCloud and working with people like me, while also working with the famous Usher. My recent favorite is ATRACK, who was Kanye West's DJ for years.

HC: What made you realie you wanted to start DJing?

BC: My interest in electronic music started my junior year of high school. I had a Cross Country captain that introduced me to GRAMATIC, Pretty Lights, and Skrillex. I tried out producing music, and when that didn't work out I started to learn more about DJing. I got DJ equipment for graduation and I have been in love with it since then.

HC: What is your favorite show you have played so far?

BC: Oh man, I have three. Is it okay if I say all three?

HC: Go for it.

BC: Okay I don't really know how I feel about one compared to the other but my first gig was ZBTahiti last fall. I didn't know that many people, just a few ZBT guys and I asked if they needed an opener. I got the job and it was a blast. I also went hard as f*** at my formal last spring. This year, ZBTahiti was sweet. I got to play a lot of my favorite music people haven't heard yet. 

HC: When will you drop new mixes?

BC: Yo, brah, check my mix tape. Just kidding, but I have been working on a lot of stuff. I plan on dropping it on my SoundCloud this summer. There is a mix of rap and electronic music. 

HC: Any final words?

BC: Listen to cool music, do cool stuff and don't be afraid to try new things. 

Collegiates! Follow him on his FacebookTwitterSoundcloud and his Mixcloud to stay in the loop regarding when he is playing and any fresh tracks dropped in the near future!