DIY Your Headshot

Before we get started, it's possible you're wondering, "why even have a headshot anyway?" I found that it's important to have a professional headshot because lots of people have a selfie or a cropped photo and it just doesn't look good. My boss is always telling me, "look the part you want to play"; if you want to land a $75,000 job then your headshot should look like you deserve it! 

SO, if you’re looking to DIY your own headshot then you’re my kind of person! I DIY’d my roommates and he loves them! All you need is a friend, 2 lamps, a chair, and a camera, even an IPhone can work! It’s best to do headshots inside, during the day with all the windows open for natural light, set up your lamps on either side of your chair against a blank backdrop. Doors and hallways work pretty well! Be sure you're wearing professional clothing that doesn't clash with your backdrop. The safest bet is a white blouse with a black blazer over it, or a solid black blouse- make sure whatever you choose isn't too racy, you don't want employers looking at your photo and getting...distracted *cough cough, if you know what I mean *wink wink. Keep your makeup and jewelry simple and professional. I always wear my hair half up, half down for headshots, but just make sure it's not in your face! Once you're ready, position yourself in the positions below! The key to DIY is taking a MILLION PICTURES, it’s all about law of averages, the more photos you take, the more good one’s you’ll have to choose from!