Cica Balm by Innisfree Product Review

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

I am someone who swears by simplicity and consistency when it comes to skin care routines. I have been using the same type of Aveeno moisturizer for over three years, I only wash my face with micellar water, and I tend to avoid new face masks. When it came to testing this product, Cica Balm with Bija Seed Oil, I was a little nervous. 

The packaging didn't have a lot of information included, so I went online to find out exactly what my skin would be soaking up. According to the Innisfree website, Cica is an Asian herb believed by many to possess medicinal properties. “In Korea, Cica has been used for centuries to help treat scars and heal injured skin." The reviews were promising across most websites with a lot of people impressed by the product's calming effect on their skin redness/pimples. After reading this, I was excited to give it a try. 

The back of the package says to “Apply onto the entire face after emulsion and pat for better absorption”. It also mentions that for any spot care, you should apply to the areas that concern you. The first time I used the product I applied it to my whole face. Although it gave my face a nice glow, it left me feeling pretty sticky. The next night, I applied it to my scarred spots and areas of concern. I felt that this was a much better approach for me personally, considering the problem areas on my face are exclusively around my chin. 

Of course, after using it once I cannot say I have seen a huge difference in my skin abnormalities, but what I can say is that the reviews look promising. The Cica Balm had a cooling effect and did not irritate my skin. I have never used any other Korean skin care items, however, after this positive experience, I will definitely be doing my research to see what else I can find! Meanwhile, catch me applying this to my spots every night. Thank you innisfree.