The Best Signs from the 2019 Women's March

Cover Photo: DU juniors Maddie Green, Delaney Hayes, and Macie Trosien attend the Denver Women's March. 

​The 3rd annual Women's March took place this past weekend across the globe. This annual protest, which originally took place on the first day of Trump's presidency, not only brings powerful women together, but their creativity. Women's March signs often feature some of the best political and social commentary, and 2019's signs did not disappoint! We've rounded up some of the best signs from the marches, including those from our DU sisters! 

Seniors Camryn Dreyer and Ashten Scheller

Juniors Ellen Gee and Sarah Gibb 

Sophomores Clare Link-Oberstar and Lydia Taylor

For more signs, check out the Instagram account: @signsofthemarc