Being a Powerful Woman

Growing up as a girl has not always been the easiest thing. There have been times where people have told me I can’t do something simply because I was a woman. I saw girls in early years being looked down upon simply for the fact they didn’t like a ton of things that were deemed “girly”. I was one of many girls that fell to the hand of self hate simply because there were certain ideals being shoved down my throat from the ripe age of seven. From hearing off-handed comments from older men, to being told from boys my age I could never be tough or strong without being ashamed, I began to become complacent. When I moved from California to Texas going into middle school, I brought those weights with me. I spent years of my life not wanting to take a risk or push too hard for anything because I honestly didn’t believe I would get it. I watched from the sidelines but slowly decided it wasn’t worth it. I came to my own conclusion that I didn’t want to spend my life being less than what I could be. I wanted to be a leader; I wanted to be successful; I wanted to be strong.


As I have continued my journey, in order to embrace the ideals of strength in a society where women are wanted by many to be complacent, it is so important to have women fighting against the stereotype. There is never going to be a time when everyone sees women as someone who has the capacity to do as much as men or more, but we can continue to prove them wrong. Now, with movements of women standing up for each other and being positive role models, it is promoting these ideals. I had some push back in high school from those who saw me being independent as a negative. Constantly being asked why I didn’t want a relationship like it was a bad thing. I decided to work on myself and my school work in order to gain the future I wanted, but for some reason that was not the norm. But, at a certain point I just didn’t care. I decided what I wanted and was not willing to conform to a submissive state to please those around me. I have been told that I was a know-it-all, that I talked too much, and that I needed to stop speaking up because it didn’t matter what I said. But I kept in mind not only the goals I have, but also all the strong women who I have constantly looked up to.


From celebrities like Emma Watson to political figures such as Michelle Obama to family members such as my mom, they all pose as a constant reminder to keep going. Whenever I faced the thought that to everyone else I may be too outspoken, too abrasive, I just think about them. I think about all the women in our history that fought for the rights I am grateful to have. I think about my mom who went back to school after her divorce to create a better life. These women pose as a reminder, but through my experiences I have come to a conclusion.

I realized that, while it is important to look up to strong figures, it is just as important to be one. Being able to become comfortable with the fact that I am a leader, that I am intelligent, and that I have goals, has helped me more than anything. I want to be a person others look up to when facing doubts about their place in the world. Yes, I have a strong personality, I don’t let others talk down to me or anyone else. I was able to come to the realization that in order to make my place in the world as a woman, I needed to accept the fact that my gender is not a disadvantage.

I am proud to be a woman, I am proud to be strong, and I will never apologize for that.